Anna Storck

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"It doesn’t matter, but it does! Jewellery is of no survival necessity to humans and still, it has accompanied us, for many reasons, through the times. This special relationship is what fascinates me with jewellery and drives me to make my own pieces. I want them to go out, to collect and create interactions, memories and traces, ending up with a story, a biography – maybe even a personality of their own."


In her work, Anna is looking for pieces that create connections to people – physically, rationally or emotionally so, when worn the pieces may become a part of the persons story and thereby creating a story of their own.

Look. Touch. Connect. Memorize. Feel. Question. Pass on. Hand over. Enjoy. Live.

She likes to compare herself to an author who writes no more than the title and introduction to a story which then will be continued by the piece itself, the people and life at its best and worst.


Anna Storck is a German jewellery maker and artist. During an internship with a goldsmith and contemporary jewellery designer in her hometown, Anna discovered her love for jewellery. Its unique relationship with humanity is what led her to study at the Hochschule Trier in Idar-Oberstein where she first received a BFA degree in 2017 and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in Gemstones and Jewellery in 2020.