Annora Poppe

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During my bachelor’s study, I discovered that I get my inspiration from nature, but not just nature alone. It is also the nature on the farm where I grew up. Growing up in the Noordoostpolder, I was never really aware of the influence that the polder landscape and its surroundings have had on me.


The wide areas of the landscape on the former seabed was carefully planned, drawn and manufactured with the highest precision. The landscape with its straight and clear lines has bountiful colours in spring and deep greys in winter. It is also a landscape created with machines by human hand. It has a surrounding where culture and nature connect with each other.

The polder- where the machines and tractors leave their traces and where nature can continue on her own way. Working with nature and with respect for her strength, power and beauty, it can be seen in my choice of and dealing with the material. My pieces reflect the mechanical and practical use of machines that maintain the strength and purity of the materials.


Annora Poppe was born and raised in the Netherlands. In 2016, she finished her goldsmith study in Schoonhoven, Netherlands. She felt the urge to study more in the field of fine arts and jewellery, and decided on a bachelor’s degree from Idar-Oberstein, Germany where she graduated in 2020.