Barbora Opátová

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I call my jewellery “clouds”. Strange, abstract shapes high in the sky depict their monumentality and lightness. It contrasts between light and shadow, it changes from a romantic sunrise to a grey, angry thunderstorm. Abstraction in shapes which brings our imagination alive. They might be anything and everything. Sometimes, they show more of their personality, sometimes, they stay hidden. I'm looking for animals floating silently and connect them to our personal stories, memories, emotions and feelings. Are they all hidden inside, or are we the ones who hide them?

I'm looking for magic everywhere. Bringing the fog and the mystery to daily life. Is it possible to believe what we see is really there? Are we making it all up or is it just a trick played by life? The cloud kingdom is everywhere around us and makes up everything unbelievable and real at the same time.


Barbora was born in 1993 in Nitra, Slovakia. She finished her high school specializing in stone sculpture, where she step by step moved from big scale artwork to smaller pieces that are related to the body. It led her to the jewellery department in Pilsen, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Barbora finished her Master of Fine Arts in Gemstones and Jewellery from Idar-Oberstein in 2019. She connects her wearable art also to storytelling through drawings, installations and sculptures.