Franziska Lusser

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Illusion, Imitation and Perception


How do we find a value within objects that have been made to trick our perceptions of preciousness?


My intention is to encourage people to question and discuss their views and preconceptions towards materials through a clever use of illusion and material imitation. When presented with two different materials with similar properties, how can we decide which is the precious one and which is not? And with the clever application of colour that is hidden and reflected through the works, how can we trust what we are seeing and what is really there?

The perception of value is split into the materials value and the value that is projected onto the piece by the viewers from the intrigue it sparks. This intrigue is what I aim for in my pieces. I want the viewer to question the materials authenticity and try and figure out how the pieces are made and how the illusion of colour is achieved.


Franziska Lusser is a German jewellery artist who has spent many years in the United Kingdom where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Jewellery & Accessories. After finishing her studies she stayed in London for a few more years working and gaining experience in the contemporary jewellery industry as well as continuing with her own work. In 2016 she decided to move back to Germany in order to take up studying again by applying for the Masters in Fine Arts - Gemstones and Jewellery in Idar-Oberstein. This latest exploration has allowed her to explore a new material - the material of stone - and to learn how to work it and integrate it into her body of work. The element of stone has become an integral part in Franziska’s work through which she explores topics such as our perception of value and illusion. She completed her studies in 2019.