Jekaterina Smirnova

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“During my master thesis I studied current concepts of art as communication and developed an idea on the possibilities of interpersonal communication through artworks.“

Jekaterina’s work has a unique authenticity and sensibility. By combining different materials, she succeeds in finding unity in a variety of forms. She is interested in how interaction leads to transformation, how sensibility affects the quality of contact, which lead to synergistic effects.  


She expresses her ideas through the transformation of the reconstructed stone. Today this material is especially relevant, because humankind seeks to fill the entire world with traces of us. Even the word "natural" can lose its primary meaning in the future. More than any other material, this material can emphasize and give deeper meaning to works about modern ecology and nature. 


Jekaterina was born in the Baltic city Riga. She studied architecture, arts and visited a photography academy. Photographing performances in the theatre was her main occupation during her studies. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, she worked as a visual artist in the architectural office for several years. During her employment as a visual artist, she co-worked with many other offices and regularly participated in architectural competitions with success. Leaving her beloved Baltics she moved to the hilly

forests of Germany where she stepped into a completely new field. Jekaterina completed the Master of Fine Arts in Gemstones and Jewellery at the University of Trier in 2019. Self-expression through materials and objects not only became her passion, but also slowly turned into her life.