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Press Release
20 August 2020

"We open our world to you to share our stories"


IO&U is a group of contemporary jewellery and gemstone artists from the University of Trier in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.


12 female emerging artists from 9 countries have come together to showcase their graduate collections in a series of exhibitions. The first show was at Inhorgenta (14-17 February 2020) in Munich and the next one will be at Intergem (2-5 October 2020)  
in Idar-Oberstein. 


They come from different cultures to connect in Idar-Oberstein as artists and friends. Visitors are invited to come see the carefully crafted jewellery and objects, 
feel the materials that range from cold gemstones to warm woods and speak to the artists about their inspiration and concepts.


The work differs visually and conceptually as each artist pushes the boundaries of contemporary jewellery with handmade pieces unique to the artist.  Follow IO&U on Instagram (ioandu_jewellery) and Facebook to view snippets of how the artworks are made and visit the website ( for future exhibitions.





For further information on the contents of this press release, please contact: 



Address: Vollmersbachstraße 53A, 55743 Idar-Oberstein, Germany 


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