Sayara Montemurro

Sayara Montemurro

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My work is born from the profound observation of behaviors and movements of the human body. I am searching for what is hidden in the depths of human emotions rather than the superficial. The human body releases impulses, voluntary or involuntary toward surroundings which can be turned into signals. I see these signals everywhere and transform them into material.

I create jewellery as a shield. My pieces are as individual as humans, they can be a protective barrier, which bears light and deep wounds from personal experiences. I use rock crystal as a symbol of protection. Human beings are connected and similar to this stone because we both have inclusions and a hard, yet fragile structure. The transparency of the rock crystal represents our stability and consequently, the inclusions our fragility due to our emotions.


Sayara Montemurro is a half German / half Italian goldsmith with an artistic background. She was born in northern Italy in 1995. After studying languages in high school, she decided to focus on a more free and artistic path; the art of jewellery. She went to a professional goldsmithing college for 3 years with an exchange to the Le Arti Orafe University in Florence.

Upon graduation, she specialized in goldsmithing techniques for another year and began to think about how to combine traditional and contemporary jewellery. Sayara is currently living in Idar-Oberstein, where she finished her Bachelor in Fine Arts in the subject of Jewellery and Gemstone carving in 2020.