Setareh Shojaee

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Since Setareh’s childhood, the world of stone has always been fascinating and regions in Iran like the Giant Stone Mountains have always been a source of inspiration. Aiming to connect handcraft with technology for her final semester, she combined stone with 3D-printed nylon. The combination of stone and 3D-printed parts questions which is stone and which is not.


"In my work, I bring together the topic, ‘living space’ or in German, ‘gelebter Raum’, with the inside and outside. The stone acts as a container for something to come from the inside of the stone to the outside. The body related forms and its sharp colours bear witness to the relationship between me and my living space in my daily life. I find myself often in new spaces that changes my inside world. Through the understanding of my inner-self am I able to enjoy the outside world."


Setareh Shojaee is originally from Tehran, Iran. She finished her bachelor’s in 2014 from the Industrial Design Faculty of Arts at Alzahra University. Wanting to further develop her interests in fine arts, she decided to take classes in drawing, sculpture and jewellery. Inspired by the relationship between jewellery and the body, she moved to Germany in 2016 to study art jewellery at the University of Applied Sciences Trier and graduated in 2019.