Vanessa Zöller

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Vanessa's work exists in the field of objects, installation and jewellery. She asks questions

about human nature, about the process of life. She raises questions about the value of the individual and the individual’s values. She uses human hair to translate these questions into a material

Hair - a material that leaves nobody unaffected.
Valuable -  when it is in the right place of the body.
Shameful - when it is in the wrong place of the body.
Repulsive - when it is detached from the body.

Vanessa challenges these declarations by using hair that she collected from dozens of individuals (mostly women) for her work. She converts the hair, combines it with ”precious” materials, puts it into a new context and revalues it. In her work, the hair receives an independent identity. She makes the apparently repulsive material the protagonist of her objects, installation and jewellery.


Vanessa Zöller is a German artisan and jewellery artist (born in Wertheim, Franconia, in 1992).
Before she came to Idar-Oberstein in 2014, she completed a three-year handcraft 

apprenticeship in Michelstadt, Odenwald where she became a professional ivory sculptor.
Afterwards, she began to study at the Hochschule Trier in Idar-Oberstein, where she graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in 2017. She graduated from the Master of Fine Arts program with a degree in Gemstones and Jewellery in 2020.